Why anyone who defends the Confederate Flag missed the part in history class about this thing called the Civil War

Confederates were not Americans. They actually, straight up, made their own flag so that they could not be Americans anymore; for anyone who doesn’t know, that was the whole point of the Civil War- for the confederacy to secede from the United States. The confederacy was literally a group of people who said, “fuck America,”  and then spent four years fighting the union in order to DISASSOCIATE themselves from America/the American people (the predominant reason for this is because they wanted to be able to own black people, but apparently some people still think that is up for debate).  Flying the Confederate flag doesn’t honor our fallen American soldiers, it honored, at that time, the opposite.

And now, since the confederacy ceases to exist, it seems absurd to continue to fly the flag of a former, *almost nation. Confederates were anti-American in every sense of the word.

The flag represents TREASON at it’s very, absolute best and then racism at the core.

An true American patriot wouldn’t be caught dead with a Confederate flag.

* = But not really almost


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